Irregular Zen Stepping Stones


Our Irregular Stepping stones are not only very attractive but also a practical solution for crossing your garden.  Made from silver grey granite, their anti-slip bush hammered surface ensures safe passage over soggy lawns;  make a solid level base for each stone and set the top just below the usual cut height of the lawn. In this way you can simply mow right over them with the minimum of fuss.

They can be used just as effectively set into decorative gravel, but in this application we suggest setting the top surface of the stepping stone about 25 mm above the aggregate.

We stock these Irregular stepping stones in four practical sizes and suggest starting and ending your pathway with the 50/60 cm ones, using the smaller 35 /45 cm ones to in-fill. The 70/80 cm stepping stones can be used if the path splits in two different directions allowing you to pause while deciding which way to go.  This applies equally to the 80/90 cm stepping stone.

How many stepping stones will you need ?  As a guide, we position the stepping stones around 55 cm between centers which is a comfortable pace when walking through the garden.  Stepping stones are never set in a straight line; position one to the left, then the next slightly on the right so that each one falls naturally under your foot as you walk.

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Our Irregular shaped Stepping stones are hand carved from silver grey granite and have a bush hammered finish on the top surface which provides an excellent ‘anti-slip’ finish even in the wet.  They are available in a range of sizes so we’re bound to have the right ones for your garden.  They are made from solid natural stone to our own design ensuring a quality product at a very competitive price.  The gently rounded edges of the stepping stones makes them look aged and ‘well worn’ adding to their attractive appearance. We also stock square and round stepping stones, if you are looking for a more contemporary look.

As direct importers, we always have these products in stock and they are tastefully displayed at our specialist centre for you to view before purchase.
If you are unable to visit, we would be happy to send good quality photos of the actual product that you would be receiving.

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