Monkey Trap


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Shona carvings imported directly from Zimbabwe. Hand-carved from various types of stone, these Shona sculptures make perfect gifts for friends and family. Shona carvings are open for personal interpretation, making them truly unique!

The name of the carver of this piece is unknown. This sculpture tells the story of how monkeys were caught in colonial times. Hollowed coconuts were attached to a stake in the ground and filled with food. A Monkey would smell the food and place their hand inside to retrieve the food. The Monkey’s hand (clenched full with food) would then be unable to fit back through the gap causing the monkey to be stuck resulting in a capture. If the Monkey had let go of the food then their hand would have been able to slip out the coconut, freeing them. This story is used as a reminder that we can often be the own makers of our downfalls, to stick by thoughts or actions no matter the consequences.

Made from solid stone these carvings will last a lifetime.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 37 cm