Palisades: beige granite


What are Palisades ?

As an exclusive product, not many people in the UK have seen or heard of our granite Palisades before, but they soon realise how they can be used to great effect in landscaping projects. Designed originally to replace rotten timber poles and sleepers on raised flower beds and steep banks, our attractive Palisades are very strong, do not require any maintenance and never rot even in the damp UK weather.

Measuring 15 cm wide by 7 cm thick and available in a range of handy lengths, our beige granite Palisades have a ‘pineapple’ finish to all six sides. This uniform, coarse texture to the stone looks lovely in the garden and the colour perfectly matches our beige granite paving slabs.

Before long we realised that we could also use Palisades to form a neat edge to paths and driveways, and create interesting features in the garden by laying them in a grid pattern in-filled with planting, or used as contemporary ‘standing stones’ when stood upright.  Just let your imagination run wild !

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Our beige granite Palisades are a brilliant landscaping product designed to substitute timber sleepers or machine rounded wooden poles that are widely used in UK gardens to form raised beds or retain steep banks . Timber rots easily despite treatment and periodic wood stain, whereas our granite Palisades require no maintenance and will last indefinitely.

Palisades are made exclusively for us and we always have them in stock for prompt delivery. They are an attractive,  cost effective product that have a multitude of uses in landscaping projects.

We also stock Palisades in silver grey granite.


Palisades can be used vertically to retain raised beds.

They can be used horizontally to edge paths and driveways.

In addition, they can be used to make attractive modern sculptures as shown in the accompanying photos.



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