Arched stone bridge


The timeless beauty of our Arched stone bridges makes them the perfect choice for your water garden.  Hand carved from natural silver grey granite, the 40 cm wide bridge makes them very practical to walk over and the range of standard lengths that we stock means that there will be one just right for you.  The bush hammered surface has excellent anti-slip properties even when wet and the hewn edges provides a pleasing contrast.

Arched bridges can be collected from our specialist centre providing you have suitable transport, but due to their weight, most customers prefer to have their bridge delivered on a pallet.  Please consider how you will move the bridge into the garden after pallet delivery.

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Our Arched granite bridges are affordable and practical. Hand carved from silver grey granite these lovely bridges will make an attractive feature in your water garden. They are made to our own design and come in a useful range of lengths to suit any application.
The gentle arch measuring 40 cm wide means that you can walk over them and the top surface is bush hammered providing excellent ‘anti-slip’ properties even in the wet. The edges are naturally split to provide a contrast. 

If our standard size bridges are not suitable for your project, we can have one made to order – please ask for details.

As direct importers, we always have these products in stock and they are tastefully displayed at our specialist centre for you to view before purchase.
If you are unable to visit, we would be happy to send good quality photos of the actual product that you would be receiving.

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