Shona Carvings

We have been importing lovely Shona carvings from our homeland Zimbabwe for years.  The Shona tribe are world re-known for their artistic talent and having the creative ability to ‘see’ figures embedded in the natural stone.

Patient hand carving skills ‘frees the figure from captivity’ resulting in some truly unique sculptures.   Many of the pieces show animals native to Southern Africa such as Elephant, Rhino, Hippo and Buffalo; these are carved in rich detail and a true depiction of the animals. In addition, the Shona also carve family figures showing mother and child in contemporary or abstract form. Carvings such as these make for the perfect small gift and they’d be delivered by Royal Mail, or courier.

At the other end of the spectrum, we stock some much larger sculptures that are floor standing for use indoors or outdoors in the appropriate environment. Large pieces such as these would be delivered on a small pallet. The natural stone used includes Soap stone, Verdite and Malachite to name a few.

The Artists

These amazing works of art have been carved by the most experienced and talented artists, learn more about the artists.

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