Bespoke indoor water feature and wall cladding

Following the success of the first Kimchee in High Holborn, we were again approached to supply granite wall cladding and a bespoke water feature for the newly developed restaurant at Pancras Square, London. These restaurants are well worth a visit as they epitomise far eastern design concepts. The materials used in this project are all solid stone and real wood. 

The Wall cladding is made from Angolan Black granite, which originates from Lubango, in south-west Angola. This black granite has real character. It isn’t a pure uniform colour, but instead has a wonderful mottling of grey and silver. This adds texture and depth to the stone. In this dark restaurant setting the spot lights pick up flecks of silver which sparkle on the walls. This luxurious stone is also ideal for kitchen worktops and bathrooms.

The Water Feature was custom made in Europe using a dark grey European granite. This stone was chosen to be a match for the porcelain floor tiles. We were given a 2D concept drawing of the water feature, so to ensure the design would work we made a prototype of the water feature in wood prior to production.