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Beige granite Palisades - Rectangular

They have been specially developed to substitute timber poles that are traditionally used to form raised beds and retain steep banks in gardens.
Timber poles soon rot in the ground despite treatment with chemicals and preservatives, whilst our Palisades made from natural granite will last indefinitely and require no maintenance.

They are available in beige granite with a 7 cm x 15 cm profile, and come in a range of useful lengths to suit most applications.
The finish is an attractive Pineapple texture

Palisades can be used upright to retain raised beds.
They can be used horizontally to edge paths and driveways.
In addition, they can be used to make an attractive modern sculpture as shown in the accompanying photos. As direct importers, we always have these products in stock and they are tastefully displayed at our specialist centre for you to view before purchase.
If you are unable to visit, we would be happy to send good quality photos of the actual product that you would be receiving.

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